Girlfriend, Interrupted


Brown-eyed, brunette, 25. Enjoys walking barefoot across shards of broken home. Likes loaded silences, resentment and insomnia. Dislikes romantic weekends, lie-ins and any chance of future happiness.

Former GSOH. Developing PTSD.

When the love of Ella’s life turns out to be somebody else’s dad, their love affair becomes a family affair.

And with a Media-darling, Sex Therapist, for a mother, a highly demanding, Lady Boss, in dire need of her help, and a ravenous Man-Cat prowling around, is it any wonder Ella’s world’s starting to feel far from child-friendly…

Ready or not, Ella’s joined the Robinson family, and getting it right for Dan’s kids means getting it right for everyone. But can Ella include herself in the mix?

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Awful by Comparison

Awful By Comparison

Sometimes, a girl feels Awful by Comparison…

Jennifer Taylor is home for the holidays – and the foreseeable future – after losing her job, apartment, and boyfriend, a month before Christmas. Her sister, Lara, an NYC-based model, is also home – to announce a whirlwind engagement to a charismatic hotelier.

But when an anonymous Blog hits the headlines, the Taylor sisters find themselves at the centre of a media storm – and the heart of a lifelong secret, set to change their family forever.

Can Jennifer learn to live in the shadow of her sister’s success? Preferably with a full time job and a drawer of matching underwear? Will Lara ever find happiness in a world where appearances can be deceptive, and men usually are?

Set against the magical backdrop of New York, Awful by Comparison is a wonderfully observed romantic comedy with a cast of characters you’ll feel you’ve known forever.

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