A Novel Recipe

That book idea of yours? Where does it start? At the beginning? And… Then what? This, Ladies and Gentle-squires, is where most novel ideas begin andend. A charismatic protagonist, compelling premise, and possibly evena shapely opening sentence, do not a novel make. But they’re most definitely the makings of a novel. The secret ingredient you’re … Continue reading A Novel Recipe

Why I Wrote…Girlfriend, Interrupted

2002: Step-girlfriending in full sh-wing!Girlfriend, Interrupted, was inspired after becoming part of a stepfamily at twenty-five. I'd been single for three years. Graduated from University the year before, and hadn't spent much time with children since my childhood... Overnight, weekends and holidays became strictly PG. I abandoned high heels and hangovers, in favour of cooking … Continue reading Why I Wrote…Girlfriend, Interrupted

The F Word

2000: Just a fun-loving Feminist.  For the first time I can remember, it’s cool to be a Feminist. In fact, it’s a basic sign of evolution akin to the Opposable Thumb, and severely crushing on New York Times Political Correspondent, and frontline Feminist, Ronan Farrow.  During my 20’s, reading Girl Curriculum literature by the likes … Continue reading The F Word